Replace/Renew Your YU-card

YU card

Replacing a lost YU-card

The YU-card is your VIP pass to campus life. Take good care of it, but know we’ve got your back. In the event that you lose your YU-card, you must freeze your account online immediately or by calling the YU-card Office during business hours. You are responsible for all card activity until the account is frozen, so be sure to act quickly.

Visit the YU-card Office to obtain a replacement card. If your card was turned in to our office, we'll return it to you. If not, a new card will be printed. There is a $30 administration fee to obtain a new card.

Renewing an expired YU-card

If your YU-card has an expiry date of April 30 of this year printed on the front, and if you are continuing your studies in the next Summer or Fall/Winter sessions, you may obtain a free replacement card.

Please note that your Library and YU-card debit card privileges will continue to function with your current YU-card until August 30 of the year of expiry.

To obtain a free replacement card:

  1. Enroll in courses in either the upcoming Summer or Fall/Winter sessions. You cannot obtain a new YU-card until you've enrolled.
  2. Bring your current YU-card to the YU-card Office 24 hours after you've enrolled.
  3. Have a new photo taken in our office.